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Secure Business by Design

Good cybersecurity is a decision worth making.

Understanding how well your current cybersecurity risks are being managed is a great first step.

The decision to make your business Secure by Design could never be seen as an accident.

We share our in-depth experiences and understanding to make your business Secure by Design.

Remember - Making the right business decisions is never simple, but some decisions are much easier to make than others

Secure Business by Design

Cybersecurity is potentially the most impactful risk that your business faces. For your business to address cybersecurity properly, it needs to be managed in a way that both supports and enables your business objectives. Too many times security programs are created reactively in response to identified breaches, or the assumption that what happened to another company, can happen to yours.


Our cybersecurity’s Secure Business by Design model allows you to address what matters most, by design, so that you are prepared for any eventuality, and have effective options, regardless of what threat materializes.


You will already be asking yourself these questions:

  • Are our cybersecurity measures sufficient for our specific cyber risk posture?

  • Can we prove this to our clients, our stakeholders and our regulators?

  • Can we procure or build our business systems as rapidly as we need them - and still remain secure?

  • When we are attacked, will we be able to continue to do business?

  • Can we do all this within budget and within our time constraints?


None of these questions are new, but answering them today demands a different approach. Traditional responses either resulted from post-compromise remediation or to fulfil compliance requirements.


Our Secure Business by Design approach allows you to manage cybersecurity risk in line with what your business needs to be successful.


There are a multitude of superb cybersecurity frameworks available today, such as ISO 27000, NIST CSF, CIS v8, etc., all of which contain very well directed and measurable cybersecurity technical and process controls. The right business metrics will validate the value cybersecurity delivers to your organization.


We draw on these same frameworks to align your cybersecurity practices and operations with your actual business objectives and risk appetite, thus embedding functional security into all aspects of your business.

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