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Helping you bridging the talent gap


We ensure the right people are in the right seats doing the right things

Access to a global talent pool

Is the shortfall of 465 000 security professionals impacting you adversely?

CISO Coaching & Mentoring

Is your CISO up to the business challenge, ready to enable your business?

Interim CISO

We offer an interim CISO whilst you source a new CISO, so you can free up resources and focus on the things that matter.

Shadow CISO

We can provide a ‘shadow’ CISO to train and coach a young ‘not-yet-100%-ready’ CISO

Post-compromise CISO

We offer a CISO with post- compromise recovery experience to work alongside your CIO or CISO and Board

SLA: Assess & Align

We assess and align capabilities of your security resources to ensure ongoing effectiveness of your teams

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